Jul 10, 2010

What is "mature audience".

Mature audience = Old schizophrenic children, uncuffed and released to the food.

The hunger strikes.

Jun 27, 2010

go get do it, baby

go get do it, baby

transcendental marxism
you're not weak. not kiss ass. not kiss pain.
I'll be waiting for you next time.

Jun 26, 2010

Automatic adjustment into shit.


Serving games & serving eyes. No, no, don't ask questions, we'll take care of you! You need no options!

White - whiter!
Black - blacker!
Perfect - fucked up!

When your eyes hurt, they'll hurt even more. When you need to see, we'll take care of the extra advantage given by paying attention.

Real good algorithm idiots! Big fucking products, real tough piece of shit!

The latest and greatest, the most state of the art, yeah! Give it to me! This is the most I can ever get for my buck and ever dream of!

Predefined Equalizers.

Rock has metal and undeep base. It is loud and unconfortable. Guess what we will do with it for you! We will either turn it up to a relentless fucking jet engine in your skull, or tone it down to diarrhea. This is what an equalizer is about!

Equalizers can modify sound to make it sound better! We will work about 26 man hours to implement our help to your latest, greatest, incredible piece of shit! Trust us!

We will never study acoustics and change the quality of the signal to fit, at a quick change, either bad recordings, either the complicated multidimensional dynamics of masterworks, we will change the quality of the amplitude of the signal by frequencies, by dicking dick dicker. It's the fucking latest and greatest! I HAVE A JOOOOB!
Oh, my gosh, google has crazy new ideas that they make in a lab. This is so awesome. My jaw dropped, my belly button unbuttoned, my belt is loose and I'm ready for a little wild action. Can I warm up some dehydrated soup first?

Feb 1, 2010

Brainwashed opinion that brainwashes you, by incompetent dickhead better than you

Brainwashed opinion that brainwashes you, by incompetent dickhead better than you(New Tab)
..."which is actually about a great sadness which turns into madness,"...
So those judgements and actions and the fake tolerance for fake work and fake human constituents is not because you weight nothing and you're fake, it's because it can afflict, and true people that destroy disease like your guts by principle, laterly materialized in action, or always, or not, are in fact stricken by in-sanity: Yes, fat comatose fuck fucking son of a bitch, it's insane to cure or remove or just kill insane-entities, because... we society are made up of gut wrenching insanity and so that would be bad.

as always, I read you because others are always insane and someparts you're perfectly clean.
but you know you're a fucking bitch. you fucking bitch. you know it.

fuck your guts

hope you kill that cancer in you and shit head the earth more; years and years.

all those god damned mother fuckers

Dec 22, 2009

Review by stiff wooden log asshole dipshit to Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Review By magnetic stream to Nineteen Eighty-Four (New Tab)
"* The theatrical trailer on the North American MGM DVD is more subdued and features the soporific Muldowney score"
You are a soporific shit. Communism (any extreme socialism) makes shit and feeds you with it and beats you up.
Sleepy score bears with it all the pain involved in the fake realities that hurt a lot, then you get beaten because you didn't eat shit properly enough.

You are knee deep in shit, dipshit. If you eat shit on the couch being asleep, and warm piss flows down your leg but you don't realise, you observe the bright colours and cheerful sounds but fail to wake up and see how your life drowns in shit.

Eat some more shit, moron. And don't go to the amazon after, it's coold in there.

magnetic stream was apparently right. He is objectively wrong. I was objectively right.

This is why:
part 1. The movie.
I found out my 1984 was the second version. Ripped, but I don't have the money, so who cares.
Release + unknown maybe television edit = very good-ly bad film. Darker feeling than the original blackwhite-ish release, this may be a ripping issue or TV editing.
Music edit great improvement over almost shitty original album from Eurhythmics. This is in no way mickey mouse music. (Who made the intro music?)

So because good bad, I thought my version was the first. Because the studios prolefeed-modify the later versions for anything. But the first has a stupid cropped image, long, sleek, deceitful towards the realitish but deceitful image of life that communisms feeds. The upper and lower parts of my view are lied out. The colors are dimmed and the heightened feeling of anxiety is lied out. The view is too sharp, too unconfused; thanks god for bad rippers, the messengers of fate. The music is non-existent; apart from the general theme. The first release is shit.

magnetic stream(New Tab) is an authentic shit eater.

"Reviews Written by magnetic stream (Help! I'm being tortured in the Ministry of Love!)"

Then he enumerates to us with homeboy-ish coolness the components of the feeling of the movie. Thought coming from there, instead of here. He is in the ministry of love from inside standard shit American culture. So whatever he sees, he is a spectator to the accomplishments of the party, instead of a true thinking feeling being, that feels the facts in the movie.

You never, never, never ever talk the insides of a feeling or of a reality fed to your not intellectual faculties only, unless you purposely want to destroy it as an experience, or are functioning in an abstract mode that does not destroy it because it completely makes abstraction of experience, or are functioning in research mode, that tries to bend feeling in order to find new heights and shapes.

m.s. feeds us the facts from inside great, profound, fecund sensibility and art, so he is abstract and intellectual. But he says "(Help! I'm being tortured in the Ministry of Love!)". So he combines the cheap artistic behavior of 8 year olds with the profound stuff of decomposing art to it's details that should not meet the eye.

"In my opinion, the slip cover art and menu design on the British MGM DVD is also far superior"

"The North American MGM DVD is widescreen with an anamorphically enhanced 1.85: 1 aspect ratio; the color is brighter and more saturated."

"The British MGM DVD is also widescreen with an anamorphically enhanced 1.85: 1 aspect ratio; the color is desaturated to give the movie a decidedly gloomier tone."

Cover art? Menu design? A decidedly gloomier tone? YOU SHIT FUCK IS IT GOOD AS A FUCK, OR FAKE-SHIT-INVALID-WORTHLESS RELEASE? Feeding others what the actors do behind the scenes or what poster or what shot number, or simply choosing a chapter in the DVD and acknowledging that you are watching a movie, when the piece of reality that exactly matches other reality is about the harshest reality that can ever be, means you should get shot in the head. You are worthless to humanity. The sincerest and truthiest feelings get hammered down by dictators of the remote control like you that drown in their own shit oblivious to all life, all authentic feeling. You may even have a great university behind you, but you think and feel at the same level with the shit that you are. You are the reason for which the fucking DVDs have pieces of  the movie in it, emphasizing the things that are fed to us as being essential or revealing in the movie, when in fact it's cover art prolefeed engineering because shit like you manage to breathe.

I bet with all my money, so I don't give much shit if I lose, but not because there would be any possibility for me to lose, that mickey mouse music in the movie would make your day. Either that, or offend your reasoning capability. You brainwashed shit. You truly are in the ministry. ...of silly walks; don't think for a minute you're part of something you fucking animal! You should all die. Just drop dead. The world would be a much better place.

Dec 16, 2009

Movie feature "excessive". Review of American Psycho.

Movie feature is too much for somebody born old, tired. And later harrowingly brainwashed to not touch the instrument of relief from all that continuous pain and deep, deep hunger.

Review of American Psycho(New Tab)
"The film regards the male executive lifestyle with the devotion of a fetishist."
Do you know how monsters are created, mister?

You bullshit eaters regard anything not miserably pale as obsessive, contrived, excessive.
~"No, no no no, don't bring out the pleasure! The proper ritual for brainwashed trance that separates pleasure from all the other instances in which you can have it without problems has not been properly exercised!"
Anything that makes you feel alive in the purest and rawest manner, at the sole level that correctly stimulates the morpho-functionality of the human being is stamped excessive. But that's why it is in art, you miserable failure! It's supposed to be excessive, or would you rather have real pain and suffering? You're not letting it flow!

Anything that has enough consistency to cast it's mark upon consciousness awakens the dormant unsatisfied stupid animal lust of true christians and believers.
You secured ground as a loser. Now you teach it.

Stupid people lay dormant, centered on their most characteristic trait and hate all else. And love what "avenges" their weakness. Example: extremely poor one legged people want a one legged president that is always participating at great dinners and has sandwiches with meat in their pocket any day. When you're the president, you never get hungry.

P.S. I respect you a lot, mister reviewer. But respect is actually a descriptive unit. My admiration would never push out my perception of the bad things.

This gets even more stupid.
"Their sexual insecurity is manifested as card envy." (business cards)
Put that nice little sexual insecurity into a box and throw that into social competition. Thaat's right! Nicely done. Now it's not sexual insecurity, it's total insecurity. What does total insecurity have to do with the Freudian theory that sex is in everything? Well it might be in! Or it might be at the real level, where the man is animated by pleasure, not penises and vaginas and expensive watches and absolutely everything else, but pure pleasure, that sits nicely in all containers including this big one, sex. This is how I think about those guys.
When they say beauty and sexual compliance is everything in women it's not sex invested in sex, it's power and pleasure invested in sex. 50 points of IQ lower, sex is a promise and luxury, not a field for power games.

Do you know why they do those things that they say they do to rapists in prison? Because they don't consider them men enough to win it by their majestic power. It's like: "You're not a man, right? So you have to force women to do it, you fucking pansy. Don't come near us."

"The function of the murders is to make visible the frenzy of the territorial male when his will is frustrated."
When his angst is amplified.
"Lives could have been saved if instead of living in a high-rise, Bateman had been supplied with a basement, a workbench and a lot of nails to pound."
No. Shoot yourself in the foot with a nail, feel the pain and try to smile and shake hands in CEO style. This is what this movie tells. There is you, but there is no you and the hunger of getting outside the mask is perforating, searing, but you already included the best of you in the mask and so there is no way out. Silence. Discipline. Remorse.

Dec 15, 2009

Yahoo com readers are pieces of shit.

Yahoo readers are pieces of shit.
What the hell is this crap?

5 behaviors of manipulative people, from Yahoo's first page (New Tab)
Who needs to know this particular piece of crap? Too long to be fast, too short and stupid to teach anything. The million tons of these advices are like licking your way through a wall of artificially flavoured shit. For no fucking reason at all.
Advices targeted at people too stupid to even find it on the internet. If I don't know how to plug in my printer, how am I going to find the page on the internet that explains me how to do it?
Is there advice on chewing chewing gum? ...Yes! It's on Google.
NEXT: how to chew chewing gum while walking. Unplug your computer, eat it, jump out the window and walk to the nearest gum stuck on the pavement, then lick furiously. You might want to lick the gum, but I don't know.

One world of fucking idiots.
One world, one vision. One mostest president, one laugh show, one interview show, one social soap show, one best site of them all with one bestest onliest advice for the day, one shit, one breakfast, one lunch, one job, one boss, one diploma, one specialization, one wife, one sleep, one god, one desire etc. The guy is an anti-arnold, like some severely handicapped man that accidentally had great intellect. So he must be smart, right, because he's weak, but he's there? He must have... uuuh... yea... uhh.... brain! Let's stop from butt-fucking monkey business for 25 holy minutes and listen to what that single man has to say to his puppet asshole-smiled son of a bitch giving monkey retard answers in a state of full consciousness.
Too bad the one-s giving the bestest advice of them all OBEY. They are programmed to be full of shit and they are professionally better than you at it. They excel.

We have one world, one crap. I don't give a shit about which blinging human cattle is on the sole big picture on the first or only page anyday, it's shit.

Post scriptum worthless stuff:
Yahoo offers services. Use sparingly! If in doubt, consult the asshole on the first page, breathe, take some useful advice for your meaningless life, repeat. Remember: there is no you in there behind the mask.

Dec 14, 2009

One button one hand interfaces. Sucks. Windows.

Should have a right click - menu - open with options - launch.

Where's the windows shell channel used to modify / open programs with predefined settings, including:
- sound to low volume or maximum of x decibels whatever what, and only on the back right, so it doesn't wake my dog and piss me off coz interfering with what I'm listenting at another speaker?
- obligatory x in the corner or key combo to instantly freeze and kill program, realized at ultra low level?
- option to keep the program loaded in RAM? I want it to snap, not go down low to sleep in the hdd.
- options to easily kill program instantly if it opens more than x windows, takes too much time without offering options to stop it, etc.? NO I don't fucking want to use the right software, I want a gun to point at the program and shoot dead if it moves wrong. That's what an op sys should be.
- absolutely instantly FREEZE a program?

Where's the windows shell settings interface to make an entire tree of working entities:
- come into view fast, predictable and unintruding, so that I don't press hotkeys to their incessantly appearing windows while I'm writing this text over here?

... by commanding the desired property from anywhere downhill, not only from the root, which you mother fuckers would politely inform me that is inaccessible this or that particular way, as the systems get to be decentralized?

All the operating system should be a huge box of sandboxes. So every thing interacts with another thing after requesting the main sandbox to send a request to me on it's behalf, and if I want to allow it, I do, and when I want to disconnect it's sandbox, I crush kill and destroy it instantly. MODULAR SYSTEMs, you chimps!

I don't want a dumbed down Total Commander with multiple windows. I want a visual perfect correspondence for the state of interaction between a program in it's op sys appointed sandbox and the general sandbox. I want to see the program's tentacles, flowing through special pipes, everywhere they are. I want to CUT them down and KILL the sandbox by mouse.
That's what visual control is, not Windows AERO. You're so busy being fakely competent that you dream that the absolutely NOW necessary stuff is made of dreams. You suck. With a diploma and recommendations. In your face, dickhead! You have no fucking idea what good training and education must be.

I don't even fucking know what the fuck these operating systems should be in their actual state. If a program is royalty free towards the system, infecting, rootkiting, disabling anything all the way and you need antivirus and firewall to stop it, what's that fucking host stuff about the operating system? If I'm the host and you want to piss on my carpet I kick you in the balls and throw your shit outside, I don't buy cops on the month to research the means to get you out of my house. Today operating system is a lame excuse. It's like a microcephal idiot, connecting the organs but less able than a sheep.

I don't give a shit about AERO interface. Like, "Wow, that button is over there now, and the little worthless program on 9.99$ is now integrated. NEW Windows!". This is bullshit from the stone age. Why the fuck do I need to wait with mouse hovering over tabs in order to load the prog and see what it's about? Badly? Should be: cycle lightning fast through the programs with fluid pop-up from the line and sharp sensory cue, no fucking questions asked.

Staring a long time at fake shadows and 3D in your fucking interface deletes the sensations they provide, so fuck them off! They constantly feed you shit that doesn't mean anything anymore, that fails to erect your impressions and give sensorial cues of consistency, material logic and reliability.

I want to change the form of stuff in the interface. Windows Blinds and other lie programs are technically like walking around with a handheld costume in front of you to fake a different outfit. It's like a game running in background all the time. I know linux is stone age, but this is shit anyway.