Dec 14, 2009

One button one hand interfaces. Sucks. Windows.

Should have a right click - menu - open with options - launch.

Where's the windows shell channel used to modify / open programs with predefined settings, including:
- sound to low volume or maximum of x decibels whatever what, and only on the back right, so it doesn't wake my dog and piss me off coz interfering with what I'm listenting at another speaker?
- obligatory x in the corner or key combo to instantly freeze and kill program, realized at ultra low level?
- option to keep the program loaded in RAM? I want it to snap, not go down low to sleep in the hdd.
- options to easily kill program instantly if it opens more than x windows, takes too much time without offering options to stop it, etc.? NO I don't fucking want to use the right software, I want a gun to point at the program and shoot dead if it moves wrong. That's what an op sys should be.
- absolutely instantly FREEZE a program?

Where's the windows shell settings interface to make an entire tree of working entities:
- come into view fast, predictable and unintruding, so that I don't press hotkeys to their incessantly appearing windows while I'm writing this text over here?

... by commanding the desired property from anywhere downhill, not only from the root, which you mother fuckers would politely inform me that is inaccessible this or that particular way, as the systems get to be decentralized?

All the operating system should be a huge box of sandboxes. So every thing interacts with another thing after requesting the main sandbox to send a request to me on it's behalf, and if I want to allow it, I do, and when I want to disconnect it's sandbox, I crush kill and destroy it instantly. MODULAR SYSTEMs, you chimps!

I don't want a dumbed down Total Commander with multiple windows. I want a visual perfect correspondence for the state of interaction between a program in it's op sys appointed sandbox and the general sandbox. I want to see the program's tentacles, flowing through special pipes, everywhere they are. I want to CUT them down and KILL the sandbox by mouse.
That's what visual control is, not Windows AERO. You're so busy being fakely competent that you dream that the absolutely NOW necessary stuff is made of dreams. You suck. With a diploma and recommendations. In your face, dickhead! You have no fucking idea what good training and education must be.

I don't even fucking know what the fuck these operating systems should be in their actual state. If a program is royalty free towards the system, infecting, rootkiting, disabling anything all the way and you need antivirus and firewall to stop it, what's that fucking host stuff about the operating system? If I'm the host and you want to piss on my carpet I kick you in the balls and throw your shit outside, I don't buy cops on the month to research the means to get you out of my house. Today operating system is a lame excuse. It's like a microcephal idiot, connecting the organs but less able than a sheep.

I don't give a shit about AERO interface. Like, "Wow, that button is over there now, and the little worthless program on 9.99$ is now integrated. NEW Windows!". This is bullshit from the stone age. Why the fuck do I need to wait with mouse hovering over tabs in order to load the prog and see what it's about? Badly? Should be: cycle lightning fast through the programs with fluid pop-up from the line and sharp sensory cue, no fucking questions asked.

Staring a long time at fake shadows and 3D in your fucking interface deletes the sensations they provide, so fuck them off! They constantly feed you shit that doesn't mean anything anymore, that fails to erect your impressions and give sensorial cues of consistency, material logic and reliability.

I want to change the form of stuff in the interface. Windows Blinds and other lie programs are technically like walking around with a handheld costume in front of you to fake a different outfit. It's like a game running in background all the time. I know linux is stone age, but this is shit anyway.