Dec 22, 2009

Review by stiff wooden log asshole dipshit to Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Review By magnetic stream to Nineteen Eighty-Four (New Tab)
"* The theatrical trailer on the North American MGM DVD is more subdued and features the soporific Muldowney score"
You are a soporific shit. Communism (any extreme socialism) makes shit and feeds you with it and beats you up.
Sleepy score bears with it all the pain involved in the fake realities that hurt a lot, then you get beaten because you didn't eat shit properly enough.

You are knee deep in shit, dipshit. If you eat shit on the couch being asleep, and warm piss flows down your leg but you don't realise, you observe the bright colours and cheerful sounds but fail to wake up and see how your life drowns in shit.

Eat some more shit, moron. And don't go to the amazon after, it's coold in there.

magnetic stream was apparently right. He is objectively wrong. I was objectively right.

This is why:
part 1. The movie.
I found out my 1984 was the second version. Ripped, but I don't have the money, so who cares.
Release + unknown maybe television edit = very good-ly bad film. Darker feeling than the original blackwhite-ish release, this may be a ripping issue or TV editing.
Music edit great improvement over almost shitty original album from Eurhythmics. This is in no way mickey mouse music. (Who made the intro music?)

So because good bad, I thought my version was the first. Because the studios prolefeed-modify the later versions for anything. But the first has a stupid cropped image, long, sleek, deceitful towards the realitish but deceitful image of life that communisms feeds. The upper and lower parts of my view are lied out. The colors are dimmed and the heightened feeling of anxiety is lied out. The view is too sharp, too unconfused; thanks god for bad rippers, the messengers of fate. The music is non-existent; apart from the general theme. The first release is shit.

magnetic stream(New Tab) is an authentic shit eater.

"Reviews Written by magnetic stream (Help! I'm being tortured in the Ministry of Love!)"

Then he enumerates to us with homeboy-ish coolness the components of the feeling of the movie. Thought coming from there, instead of here. He is in the ministry of love from inside standard shit American culture. So whatever he sees, he is a spectator to the accomplishments of the party, instead of a true thinking feeling being, that feels the facts in the movie.

You never, never, never ever talk the insides of a feeling or of a reality fed to your not intellectual faculties only, unless you purposely want to destroy it as an experience, or are functioning in an abstract mode that does not destroy it because it completely makes abstraction of experience, or are functioning in research mode, that tries to bend feeling in order to find new heights and shapes.

m.s. feeds us the facts from inside great, profound, fecund sensibility and art, so he is abstract and intellectual. But he says "(Help! I'm being tortured in the Ministry of Love!)". So he combines the cheap artistic behavior of 8 year olds with the profound stuff of decomposing art to it's details that should not meet the eye.

"In my opinion, the slip cover art and menu design on the British MGM DVD is also far superior"

"The North American MGM DVD is widescreen with an anamorphically enhanced 1.85: 1 aspect ratio; the color is brighter and more saturated."

"The British MGM DVD is also widescreen with an anamorphically enhanced 1.85: 1 aspect ratio; the color is desaturated to give the movie a decidedly gloomier tone."

Cover art? Menu design? A decidedly gloomier tone? YOU SHIT FUCK IS IT GOOD AS A FUCK, OR FAKE-SHIT-INVALID-WORTHLESS RELEASE? Feeding others what the actors do behind the scenes or what poster or what shot number, or simply choosing a chapter in the DVD and acknowledging that you are watching a movie, when the piece of reality that exactly matches other reality is about the harshest reality that can ever be, means you should get shot in the head. You are worthless to humanity. The sincerest and truthiest feelings get hammered down by dictators of the remote control like you that drown in their own shit oblivious to all life, all authentic feeling. You may even have a great university behind you, but you think and feel at the same level with the shit that you are. You are the reason for which the fucking DVDs have pieces of  the movie in it, emphasizing the things that are fed to us as being essential or revealing in the movie, when in fact it's cover art prolefeed engineering because shit like you manage to breathe.

I bet with all my money, so I don't give much shit if I lose, but not because there would be any possibility for me to lose, that mickey mouse music in the movie would make your day. Either that, or offend your reasoning capability. You brainwashed shit. You truly are in the ministry. ...of silly walks; don't think for a minute you're part of something you fucking animal! You should all die. Just drop dead. The world would be a much better place.