Dec 15, 2009

Yahoo com readers are pieces of shit.

Yahoo readers are pieces of shit.
What the hell is this crap?

5 behaviors of manipulative people, from Yahoo's first page (New Tab)
Who needs to know this particular piece of crap? Too long to be fast, too short and stupid to teach anything. The million tons of these advices are like licking your way through a wall of artificially flavoured shit. For no fucking reason at all.
Advices targeted at people too stupid to even find it on the internet. If I don't know how to plug in my printer, how am I going to find the page on the internet that explains me how to do it?
Is there advice on chewing chewing gum? ...Yes! It's on Google.
NEXT: how to chew chewing gum while walking. Unplug your computer, eat it, jump out the window and walk to the nearest gum stuck on the pavement, then lick furiously. You might want to lick the gum, but I don't know.

One world of fucking idiots.
One world, one vision. One mostest president, one laugh show, one interview show, one social soap show, one best site of them all with one bestest onliest advice for the day, one shit, one breakfast, one lunch, one job, one boss, one diploma, one specialization, one wife, one sleep, one god, one desire etc. The guy is an anti-arnold, like some severely handicapped man that accidentally had great intellect. So he must be smart, right, because he's weak, but he's there? He must have... uuuh... yea... uhh.... brain! Let's stop from butt-fucking monkey business for 25 holy minutes and listen to what that single man has to say to his puppet asshole-smiled son of a bitch giving monkey retard answers in a state of full consciousness.
Too bad the one-s giving the bestest advice of them all OBEY. They are programmed to be full of shit and they are professionally better than you at it. They excel.

We have one world, one crap. I don't give a shit about which blinging human cattle is on the sole big picture on the first or only page anyday, it's shit.

Post scriptum worthless stuff:
Yahoo offers services. Use sparingly! If in doubt, consult the asshole on the first page, breathe, take some useful advice for your meaningless life, repeat. Remember: there is no you in there behind the mask.