Jul 10, 2010

What is "mature audience".

Mature audience = Old schizophrenic children, uncuffed and released to the food.

The hunger strikes.

Jun 27, 2010

go get do it, baby

go get do it, baby

transcendental marxism
you're not weak. not kiss ass. not kiss pain.
I'll be waiting for you next time.

Jun 26, 2010

Automatic adjustment into shit.


Serving games & serving eyes. No, no, don't ask questions, we'll take care of you! You need no options!

White - whiter!
Black - blacker!
Perfect - fucked up!

When your eyes hurt, they'll hurt even more. When you need to see, we'll take care of the extra advantage given by paying attention.

Real good algorithm idiots! Big fucking products, real tough piece of shit!

The latest and greatest, the most state of the art, yeah! Give it to me! This is the most I can ever get for my buck and ever dream of!

Predefined Equalizers.

Rock has metal and undeep base. It is loud and unconfortable. Guess what we will do with it for you! We will either turn it up to a relentless fucking jet engine in your skull, or tone it down to diarrhea. This is what an equalizer is about!

Equalizers can modify sound to make it sound better! We will work about 26 man hours to implement our help to your latest, greatest, incredible piece of shit! Trust us!

We will never study acoustics and change the quality of the signal to fit, at a quick change, either bad recordings, either the complicated multidimensional dynamics of masterworks, we will change the quality of the amplitude of the signal by frequencies, by dicking dick dicker. It's the fucking latest and greatest! I HAVE A JOOOOB!
Oh, my gosh, google has crazy new ideas that they make in a lab. This is so awesome. My jaw dropped, my belly button unbuttoned, my belt is loose and I'm ready for a little wild action. Can I warm up some dehydrated soup first?

Feb 1, 2010

Brainwashed opinion that brainwashes you, by incompetent dickhead better than you

Brainwashed opinion that brainwashes you, by incompetent dickhead better than you(New Tab)
..."which is actually about a great sadness which turns into madness,"...
So those judgements and actions and the fake tolerance for fake work and fake human constituents is not because you weight nothing and you're fake, it's because it can afflict, and true people that destroy disease like your guts by principle, laterly materialized in action, or always, or not, are in fact stricken by in-sanity: Yes, fat comatose fuck fucking son of a bitch, it's insane to cure or remove or just kill insane-entities, because... we society are made up of gut wrenching insanity and so that would be bad.

as always, I read you because others are always insane and someparts you're perfectly clean.
but you know you're a fucking bitch. you fucking bitch. you know it.

fuck your guts

hope you kill that cancer in you and shit head the earth more; years and years.

all those god damned mother fuckers